Posted by: Amy Lassen | December 6, 2007

Colorado Car Clubs and Links

Colorado Corvette Club

Web Site
    Colorado’s newest    
Colorado Cougar Club
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    This is a club who loves the Cougar! We currently have 37 members. We cruise to have fun and hold our meetings once a month. For more information, go to our website. If you own a Cougar, no matter what stage it is in, join our club! Contact Susan Padilla – Club Secretary/Newsletter for more information.    
Colorado Cruizers
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    To share an interest in cars and car shows    
Colorado Mopar

Web Site
    Denver Area Mopar Car Club    

Web Site
    Hot rods, street rods, classic cars you name it is in the club. Every July, The ColoRODans hold the Rod Festival at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, some proceedes go to Mountain States Childrens Home. Check the website for events and other information. The ColoRODans have been around since the 60’s.    
Corvettes West Car Club

Web Site
    Corvettes West is Greeley’s “oldest and thriving” Corvette Club, founded in April 1985, by a small group of Corvette Lover’s. We offer a wide variety of events and activities, not just for our members, but for “any and all Corvette enthusiasts.” We are a Community-Involved club, raising money for various local charitable organizations and foundations in our area. We also donate our time by volunteering at various local activities and events.    
Down the Road Corvettes
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    A small club of Corvette owners that get together to enjoy our cars. We participate in other local clubs events as well as hosting our own April Fool’s Rally, a fall dealer appreciation show and a cruise night. We also participate in Bandimere Speedway’s Club Clash drag racing with our club cars. There are also monthly mystery meals. We used to be Boulder Corvette Association.    
Early Mustang Club of Colorado

Web Site
    The Early Mustang Club, Inc., is the Club for anyone who likes driving and displaying the 1964 1/2 through 1973 classic Mustang. You will find the EMC a very friendly, informal Club with members who have a great deal of knowledge about these early cars.    
Lonely Knights Kustoms

Web Site
    Colorado Springs’ oldest and only kustom car club.    
Mile High Fiero Club

Web Site
    MHFC is for anyone who owns one of these awesome little cars and lives in Colorado or any of the surrounding states. We gather to take cruises around the area, or to just hang out and talk Fieros. Please visit the website and join the forum.    
Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Professional Car Society
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    The PROFESSIONAL CAR SOCIETY is an international organization dedicated to the maintenance, restoration, preservation and appreciation of one of the finest examples of automotive craftmanship – the professional car. A professional car is loosely defined as a custom-bodied vehicle, based on passenger car styling, and used in the funeral, rescue or livery services. Such vehicles may be hearses, flower cars, service cars, ambulances, limousines, or cars which are special built to combine two or more of these different functions, such as combination hearse-ambulances, sedan ambulances or invalid coaches.    
Rocky Mountain Model A club

Web Site
    Dedicated to the preservation and touring of Ford’s Model A. 1928-1931- Meet in Franktown, Co the second Tueday of each month. 7-pm-9-pm Come and meet others with a love of The Model A.. We have many “Tours” throughout the year , and other events where you can see and drive your A. “Just to have Fun”    
Ruffians Car Club and Motorcycle Gang

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    Group dedicated to the concept of the “anti-club.” No rediculous initiation ceremonies. No dues to participate. No set schedule of meetings. We gather at our own convenience to work on our cars, attend events and just hang out. The only rules include the ownership of, or interest in, pre-1970 American cars and any type of motorcycle. There are no rules to how your car must look, or run. Whatever the owner feels his car should be is how it will be. And no affiliation to any specific manufacturer.    
The Colorado Cruisers
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    The Colorado Cruisers Car Club was formed in 2003 with six original members. Membership has exploded in the past few years to over 200 members. We are the no-muss, no-fuss, no-rules, no-meetings, no-dues, no-mandatory attendance unclub. We do have four prerequisties to join. 1. Your American-made car must be 1973 or older. 2. Your car must be in show condition (no trailer queens) 3. You must be at least 40 years old 4. You have to like to eat and socialize. We are Colorado’s Holiday Car Show Connection with four shows a year; Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. We cruise the entire region from Arizona to Montana and from Nevada to Missouri. This year we did Kool Deadwood Nights in South Dakota and the Bricktop Cruisers Flatlanders Festival in Kansas. Next year, it’s the Land of Enchantment Days in New Mexico.    
Tri-Lakes Cruisers

Web Site
    The Tri-Lakes Cruisers is a car club with its roots in the Tri-Lakes area of Colorado. The Tri-Lakes are known as – Palmer Lake, Monument Lake and Lake Woodmoor, but the club includes members from Gleneagle, Black Forest, Northern Colorado Springs, and various other surrounding communities. It’s a fun loving, good natured bunch of people simply enjoying each other?s company, cars, and maybe a few nights out on the town cruisin’.    
Trinidad Auto Club
    Our club is open to any car enthusiast. We have monthly meetings, cruise nights, and try to tour as much as possible. We host our annual car show that has been growing each year. Our club supports community activities and fundraising events.    


  1. I have a house for sale in Longmont Colorado with a large detached garage that holds up to 9 cars. It would be great for some one who has a lot of cars or enjoys working on cars and wants to be able to keep them safe on their own property. Can you give me any ideas about how I can reach the vehicle community to advertise my home?

  2. Warren Tech Car Show 9:00-3:00
    September 6 2008
    13300 West 2nd place
    Lakewood, Co 80228
    Registration starts at 8:00 am
    Car show starts at 9:00 am
    Awards @ 3:00pm
    $20.00 pre registration
    $30.00 day of registration
    Free T-shirt and lunch for every car show participant.
    Or just come to look!!
    Open to community and free admission into the event for all friends and family. TONS of family fun and prizes
    We will have many awards to give out such as womens choice, mens choice, best paint job, best modified, in progress and much much more!
    To register go to and click on car show at the bottom left corner of website. If you have any information please call kyle at 970 218 9540 or 303 982 8600

    A little information about Warren Tech:
    Warren Tech is a program offered by jeffco public schools to take specific college based classes to get your foot into a career that students might want to pursue. My program is event planning and we are working hard with all of the programs at Warren Tech to put on a great car show. For example cosmo is doing child face paint, auto tech and customization is doing demonstrations and getting cars registered, art and design made our flyers and welding put all of the awards together. This truely is a unique car show that you just can’t miss!

    Thank you!!
    Sarah Fragleasso



  4. Nice rides

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